Top 3 things to look for when choosing an epoxy flooring Tulsa company

If you are thinking about getting an epoxy flooring Tulsa job done, the chances are probably pretty highthat you want a company that a) knows what they are doing and b) are going to do quality work. This is why we here at Garage Solutions have compiled some of the top things you should be looking for BEFORE choosing the garage organization and flooring company.

#1: Check their reviews

The first thing you should do before hiring an epoxy flooring Tulsa company is to check out the reviews

Epoxy Flooring Tulsa IMG 6188from previous customers. Do you see a theme? Are all the customers happy? Are they all complaining about similar things? How recent are the bad reviews? The good ones? At Garage Solutions, we are the highest and most reviewed epoxy flooring Tulsa company. Check out our Google reviews AND our video testimonials so you can hear (and watch) what our actual customers have to say about us after using our garage flooring services.

#2: Ask for before and after pictures

Beyond just checking out the companies reviews, also be sure to check out all of the before and after pictures you can so that way you can ensure that it is the look, style, and feel that you are looking for. Make sure that the company is able to achieve that vision you have for your garage. One of the ways that we make sure this is possible is to not only show you before and after pictures of the garage floors we have done, but we also have actual samples that we can (and do) bring to the appointments so that way you can see for yourself all of the different colors and styles that we have to offer.

#3: Specialized vs Do-it-all

Epoxy Flooring Tulsa IMG 6259Another thing to consider is do you want a specialized company that only does garage flooring and other garage organization jobs or do you want a handy-man that watched a youtube video and thinks he/she can pull it off? Or a painter that has watched someone do an epoxy floor once so they think they can do it as well? At Garage Solutions, we are the specialized experts in epoxy flooring in Tulsa OK and that is all we do. We also use the best epoxy and topcoat in the entire state of Oklahoma which is why our flooring lasts so long and we offer a lifetime warranty with each and every job.


There are many things to consider when choosing a garage flooring company in Tulsa, but we figured those would be some of if not the most important places to start. If you decide to use us at Garage Solutions, give us a call today and schedule your FREE appointment at (918) 770-9855