Metallic Epoxy Floors Tulsa

Have you seen those beautiful metallic Epoxy floors? The ones that look like marble or sometimes even a bowling ball? There’s no question, they are absolutely beautiful.

The real question is who in Tulsa can actually do these types of floors?

It requires a great amount of experience, expertise, and honestly some true craftsmanship as well. Well, the great news is that Garage Solutions can provide you with the most amazing metallic epoxy floors Tulsa has! 

We have been providing epoxy floors for all of Tulsa and the surrounding areas for years now and we have even done commercial flooring jobs for Crumbl Cookies, Tractor Supply Co, and many other big names as well.

There is no job too large or too small for us, we do it all. We are so proud to be able to provide you with the same level of service that people have come to love and expect for the flake epoxy floors now to the metallic epoxy floors.

The Metallic Epoxy Floors Tulsa process

metallic-epoxy-floors-tusa-7646If you were thinking about using us as your Metallica epoxy floors Tulsa company of choice, you might be wondering what exactly is the process?

The process is almost the same as it is for a flake floor, was just an added day for extra prep. First, you decide what colors you were wanting.

In my own personal garage, I did a beautiful black and turquoise with some silver metallic highlights that turned out wonderful.

You will need to select the color options that you are wanting, and then let us get to work. We still come out and shop last the entire area so that way we can get down to the aggregate concrete so then the epoxy has something to bind to.

The epoxy is still the industrial grade epoxy that we mix and pour answer the floor. We add metallic pigments to the epoxy and then let the artistic side take over!

After that, we still put down a UV stable topcoat and this is where you have a few more options as well. You can add some grit to your topcoat to have a little bit extra texture for anti-slip purposes or you can leave it classy, shiny, or anything else.

Whatever you’re wanting to do, we can achieve it for you.

If you want the best looking floor in the neighborhood, you need to call Garage Solutions today. We can do this as a garage floor, living room floor, dining room floor, patio, or anything else.

Which ever for you were wanting to make everyone jealous of, call us. We love after metallic-epoxy-floors-tusa-7648every single job being able to hear the audible “wow” leave our clients mouths.

At Garage Solutions, we also offer some incredible warranties which can include lifetime and accidental damage warranties so when you call us for a absolutely free estimate, be sure to ask about that as well.

Ready to get the floor of your dreams? Ready to make all of your friends, family members, and neighbors jealous?

All it takes is for you to give us a call and talk to us about the amazing metallic Epoxy floors Tulsa options we have. 

Check out some more of the amazing metallic epoxy floors we have done! 

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