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Epoxy Flooring Tulsa- The advantages of switching to an Epoxy floor

Do you have a concrete floor that you’re trying to find out what to do with?

You either don’t like the way it looks, want a better material, or at the very least want to protect it to avoid any expensive fixes in case of an accident.

Well, have you ever looked into the benefits of epoxy flooring Tulsa? Whether your goal is to refurbish your floor or simply seal your concrete, an epoxy floor coating can completely transform your floor while fortifying it at the same time.

At the same time as preserving your concrete and creating a protective layer against harsh impacts, it also brings a beautiful, glossy finish with a level of professional refinement.

From the floor of your business, your home, or simply your garage epoxy flooring Tulsa very well could be the solution you were looking for. Epoxy Flooring Tulsa OK 245

You may be wondering what exactly is epoxy before you think about putting it down on your floor, well an epoxy floor coating is made of epoxide resin, polyamine hardener, and other additives that forms a chemical reaction when mixed to give your floor new qualities. After curing to the surface creating a firm bond it is applied to, it seals the surface and gives it new stability and endurance it didn’t have before.

A floor that is fortified by epoxy flooring Tulsa gains new resistances to shock, heat, chemicals, and water. Impacts that would normally be worrying, like dropping a heavy object or the wear and tear of cars driving on the surface will not hurt an epoxy floor, which is a testament to its toughness. After epoxy is cured, it can also resist certain levels of high heat.

An average epoxy has a heat limit of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but a higher grade epoxy can withstand even higher levels of heat, which is ideal for garages storing cars or a kitchen flooring. If you have a lot of leftover chemicals that end up on your floor either from things like cleaning or working on vehicles with an epoxy floor there isn’t anything to worry about.

Chemicals can be cleaned off of an epoxy floor without harming it, and the coating itself should keep the chemicals from seeping through to the concrete and leaving any harmful residue. This also works the same way for water, as epoxy is completely water resistant, keeping your floor from warping due to flooding or spills.

Due to this any excessive water will collect on the floor and could create a slippery surface, however if this is a common occurrence on your floor a slip-resistant aggregate can be added to your floor. Because of all of these qualities that epoxy possesses, they are incredibly long lasting. After they are installed an epoxy floor will last for years, having more endurance than tile, carpet, and wood due to its resistances to shock, water, and even stains.

If you are looking for a floor that lasts that won’t require regular replacement over the years, an epoxy floor is a satisfying, practical solution. 

Perspective from an Epoxy Floor Tulsa Tech

I work as an epoxy floor installation technician in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I have to say after doing so many residential, commercial, and public use floors I have to say it’s always rewarding.

While there are many companies out there that do things the “fast and cheap” way, after taking the time to make sure all the prep-work is done properly and nothing is skipped or rushed in getting the floor to the right conditions and the customers possessions protected properly, I can honestly say the epoxy flooring Tulsa we provide is a step above the others.

While anyone can come out and just pour epoxy on your concrete, sprinkle some flake and call it a day, we truly invest our time into making sure you have an epoxy flooring Tulsa that will last for the years to come and look amazing the whole time. It truly is a whole new level of hard work when compared to the quick and easy method of installing epoxy flooring Tulsa, but the results really speak for themselves in the end.

First off, you can’t just leave the concrete as is and add epoxy to it, you actually have to “rough it up” first to make sure the product actually has something to adhere to, that way the floor doesn’t delaminate over time or after any small incident happens to the floor.

epoxy-flooring-tulsa-6289The reason this step is skipped by most other companies is that they don’t want to do the hours of labor this requires, and also don’t want to invest in buying the specialized tools that are required to make sure we get your concrete to the correct state before we put any product down.

Roughing up the concrete, vacuuming up all the dust that could mix with the epoxy, and then comes repairing any cracks and holes in the concrete, another skipped step by our competitors. Either from the concrete shifting over time, the floor being poured incorrectly, or things being exposed from roughing up the concrete there are always imperfections in the floor that if we put epoxy on the floor without taking care of them would show back up with no way of fixing them afterwards.

This may be a tedious and time consuming step, but is completely necessary to make sure a flat surface is created and that the epoxy won’t simply “disappear” into any cracks or holes in the floor, recreating themselves in the epoxy instead of the concrete this time. After making sure the floor is all ready, you also have to create a tape line to make sure you protect everything you want to keep the epoxy off of, and where you want the epoxy to stop for drawing lines.

While this step is much simpler than the others, having clean lines and making sure epoxy isn’t on things it shouldn’t be definitely makes a much more satisfying end product. All in all, although proper preparation may be time consuming and hard work, seeing a customer’s happy face and hearing their “oohs and aahs” is worth every bit of it, and knowing you delivered a premium product at the end of the day.

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