Let us help you enjoy your garage again!

Our service includes

Garage organization consulting includes meeting with you in your garage and discussing what you want to accomplish.  Do you want a designer garage? do you want a functional garage? do you have kids? Do you have a car that you want to actually park in the garage?  Do you have a car that you want to display? Do you have a bunch of stuff that you want to be cleaned up? Do you need some epoxy flooring Tulsa services?

We can help you with all of these things.  We can help you with a designer garage. Your garage can be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home and still be able to store everything that you have behind cabinet doors.  You want to have top grade garage cabinets to be the focal point of your garage or just an understated aspect of your garage, we can help you with that. If you want a beautiful epoxy flooring Tulsa solution, we have the answer.

If you want a functional garage where bulky storage is done so in a hanging/open arrangement.  We can help you with that. Your garage does not have to be a thing of beauty, but it does have to be organized.  Everything needs to have a place and you need to free up your garage floor. Your equipment and items need to have a place that is functional for you to get to it and be able to store it.  There needs to be a place to store long-term storage items and short-term storage items. We help you get a functional garage and not just a beautiful garage.

Do you have kids?  With kids comes all sorts of garage organizational difficulties.  Bikes, bats, balls, rackets, nets, goals, scooters, kayaks, bikes, toys, bikes, skateboards, and did we mention bikes?  These are just a few of the items that we see on a daily basis. There is a way to get all of these items and then some stored in a functional way to maintain the organizational goals of your garage.  Don’t just assume that your kids bikes have to take up an entire bay of your garage. Let our garage organization experts in Tulsa help you get the garage that you want and need.

Cars don’t have to stay outside. You paid good money for your house to have a garage.  Park your second most expensive asset inside, not outside on the driveway. Let our garage organizational experts show you how we can get your personal items, no matter the size, stored in a functional yet organized way to allow your car(s) to park in the garage.  Tulsa is known for having hail, tornadoes, and many other types of inclement weather. Let the experts at Garage Solutions show you how your garage in Tulsa can house all of your garage items AND your cars at the same time.

You have a trophy car and you want a trophy case?  We can make your garage the best trophy case in the city of Tulsa.  You want to accent your iconic vehicle with the exact right combination of garage cabinets, garage shelving, and Epoxy flooring Tulsa to maintain the exact look in your trophy case.

You might just have a messy garage that needs some TLC.  We have garage organizational experts that can help you get your garage in tip-top shape.  Do not think that you have to clean up your garage before you call us. We can help you get your garage where it needs to be even if it is a disaster.  That’s what we specialize in. Taking a nightmare garage and making it a functional and organized garage in Tulsa.

3D modeling of your garage begins with the initial consultation.  When we see what we are dealing with and what your goals are. Do you want beauty over function? a vehicle trophy case?  We talk about what it is that you wanting to accomplish in your garage. We also measure your garage to determine the exact dimensions of your garage.  Once we have this information, we draw your garage in the exact dimensions of a 3D computer software. This allows us to show you exactly our vision for your garage in a 3D way.  This way you are never surprised at what you’re getting.

Finally, our garage organization is part of the process.  After we install the products that you have chosen we help you put your belongings away where they go.  We don’t just leave you with a bunch of new storage and organizational products but we help you put your belongs away so that when we walk away from your garage in Tulsa that you have a garage that you are proud of and have to own.