Epoxy Countertops Tulsa

 Something that people call and ask us about all the time is if we can do Epoxy countertops Tulsa. 

And the great answer is, yes! 

We absolutely can do all things epoxy, and that includes countertops. So if you are needing the epoxy experts that you have known and trusted for over 10 years now in the Tulsa and surrounding area, you need to call us with your Epoxy countertops Tulsa needs as well. 

Everyone knows about our amazing warranties that we offer all of our Epoxy flooring, but now we take the same experience, the expertise, the knowledge, etc. and we are able to provide you with amazing countertops that you actually love. 

Many times getting an Epoxy countertop is actually cheaper than having to replace the countertops as well. We offer a bunch of different specials, colors, and so many other options so you really do need to call us and talk to somebody today. 

We will go over all the different options that you have available for you and your specific countertops, and we will even come out to take a look at your countertops 100% free. If you are wanting a beautiful metallic or marble look, we can do it! Are you wanting a solid color Epoxy? We can do that too! 

We are the same professionals that have been doing this in Oklahoma and surrounding areas for over 10 years now, that’s a decade of experience! 

Let our professionals come out and provide you with the same experience and expertise which will end up saving you money, time, and most of all a ton of headaches. 

All you have to do is give us a call today, and get your absolutely 100% free estimate from the team at Garage Solutions.

How does it work?

If you were wondering how it works, that’s a great question! I am here to explain it to you. First, we’re going have to sand down the countertop to make sure the epoxy has something to bind to. Then we’re going to be able to pour down our amazing, beautiful, industrial strength Epoxy to make sure that the epoxy binds to the surface. If you’re wanting the metallic look, we would then add metallics to this and get creative! If you’re wanting a solid color, that’s 100% fine and we can do that as well. 

After that, we’re going to come and put a clear topcoat on the surface to make sure that your epoxy is protected. But, none of the starts without you calling us, so make sure you actually reach out to us today. 

The phone number at Garage Solutions is 918-770-9855. The consultation is free, the estimate is free, so why not just call now?