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5 Star Rating | Epoxy Floor

5 Star Rating | Epoxy Floor

Question: How much do epoxy floors in Tulsa cost?

Answer: The answer to that question is really difficult to answer.  Typically epoxy flooring installers charge by the square foot installed. You may see prices ranging from $1.75 a square foot to $8.00 a square foot.

There is only one way to correctly install epoxy floors in Tulsa.  Garage Solutions focus on installing your garage epoxy floor correctly the first time for a permanent and lifetime garage epoxy floor.  The correct way to install epoxy flooring is to remove the very top layer of concrete from the floor before any epoxy flooring is installed.  

When your concrete was originally installed a “concrete finisher” smoothed the top of the concrete to close all of the pores of the concrete.  This is a good thing in almost every situation because it enabled your concrete to defend against stains; however, it also prevents epoxy flooring products to bond completely to the concrete.  We have to remove a small layer of your concrete to be able to open up the pores of your concrete to allow the epoxy floor products to bond completely to your garage floor.

There are lots of low ball epoxy flooring installers in the Tulsa area.  Be VERY wary of anyone that says the words “Acid”, “Acid wash”, or “Liquid Grind”.  These flooring contractors are avoiding the hard work of opening the pores of the concrete and using harsh chemicals to try to create a garage floor that the epoxy flooring product can bond to.

Unfortunately acid washing concrete to install epoxy floor will result in a temporary garage floor.  This garage flooring product will chip up and flake apart over time.

We do not use acid washing on your garage epoxy floor in Tulsa.   We take the time and go to all of the effort to install your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa correct so that your epoxy flooring will stand the test of time and be able to hold up again anything that you throw against your garage floor.

Because there is such a variation in installation process, the materials, the experience, and your environment then there is almost no way that we can give you a solid price without seeing it.  That is why we offer free, in-garage, consultations where a technician will measure your floor and see your garage and give you a quote.

We will not be the cheapest in Tulsa.  Our epoxy floors have lifetime warranties and we use the best materials on the market.  Because of this if you are looking for the cheapest epoxy garage floor in town then Garage Solutions of Tulsa isn’t your team.

We will not be the most expensive garage epoxy floor company either.  Our promise to you is that we will be the best, you will get a lifetime warranty, we will be ontime, and we will be on budget

Question: Where does Garage Solutions of Tulsa install epoxy floor?

Answer: Garage Solutions of Tulsa installs epoxy flooring in the great Tulsa and surrounding areas.

We work in the following cities, towns, areas, and counties

  • Tulsa, OK
  • Glenpool, OK
  • Kiefer, OK
  • Okmulgee, OK
  • Henryetta, OK
  • Bristow, OK
  • Jenks, OK
  • Sapulpa, OK
  • Sand Springs, OK
  • Cleveland, OK
  • Keystone Lake, OK
  • Prue, OK
  • Osage County, OK
  • Skiatook, OK
  • Bartlesville, OK
  • Collinsville, OK
  • Owasso, OK
  • Sperry, OK
  • Claremore, OK
  • Verdigris, OK
  • Catoosa, OK
  • Pryor, OK
  • Inola, OK
  • Coweta, OK
  • Broken Arrow, OK
  • Wagoner, OK
  • Muskogee, OK
  • McAlister, OK
  • Fort Gibson Lake, OK
  • Hudson Lake
  • Jay, OK
  • Grand Lake, OK
  • Tenkiller Lake, OK
  • Tahlequah, OK
  • Bixby, OK
  • Haskell, OK
Question: What is the warranty on our epoxy floor?

Answer: All of our epoxy garage floors from Garage Solutions of Tulsa have a lifetime warranty.  Because we use a high grade polyurea product and because we have the experience to install your garage epoxy floor correct, we don’t have any worries that your garage epoxy floor will last a lifetime.

Question: How do we get started with my garage epoxy floor?

Answer: Call Garage Solutions of Tulsa today to have a free, in-garage consultation.  The technician will arrive at your home or facility on time, in uniform, will be very courteous, and will answer all of your question.  We will take the time to help you understand the process and will even show you examples of the product.

You will receive a quote on your garage epoxy floor within 24 hours of our technician coming to your home.

Our guarantee to you is that you will have a lifetime floor and we will be ontime and on budget.

Question: What is polyurea and how does that compare to epoxy floor?
Answer: Polyurea is a subset of the epoxy flooring materials.  Epoxy is also known as a “Rubberized” flooring product. It is known for it’s beautiful finishes but also is known for chipping or flaking up.

Polyurea flooring for your garage is actually an industrial product.  Polyurea floors are somewhere between 4 and 20 times harder than a typical epoxy floor in Tulsa.  

Polyurea looks exactly like epoxy garage floors, it installs very similarly too.  Polyurea has the advantage that it is designed to stand up against more rigorous environments.  

Polyurea is what the United States Navy uses on their installations and ships because it is so strong.  Polyurea is a great tool for ensuring that your garage floor in Tulsa will be there for a lifetime. All of our epoxy floors in Tulsa will actually have polyurea and not just epoxy https://garagesolutionstulsa.com/garage-floor-coating

Question: What areas do you install epoxy floor?
Answer: We install epoxy flooring mainly in garages and warehouses.  

We work in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.  We even install epoxy flooring in fire departments, showrooms, and military/government installations.  Our epoxy flooring is very versatile to be able to look good and be effective just about anywhere. 

Question: How long does epoxy flooring last?

Answer: Garage Solutions of Tulsa’s epoxy garage flooring will last you a lifetime.  In fact, we have a lifetime warranty on our epoxy flooring Tulsa. We stand behind our work, we stand behind our installers, we stand behind our materials, and we stand behind our process.

When someone with decades of experience installed an epoxy floor in your garage, when they have the best tools, when they have the best process, and when they have the best materials then your garage epoxy floor in Tulsa will last a lifetime. Garage Solutions of Tulsa offers a FREE lifetime warranty on all of our epoxy floors.

Question: What do I do with my garage contents when you are installed the epoxy floors in it?
Answer: Ask about our garage storage options.  Depending on the product that you go with you might not need a storage facility for a 1-day epoxy garage floor.  

We have options where we can provide you with free garage storage for all of your contents so your belongings don’t have to sit outside overnight.

Question: Do temperatures affect you when installing epoxy floor?
Answer: Yes is the easy answer; however, not much.  In the Tulsa area typically the winter weather doesn’t slow us down too much.  In the summer we have the ability to do a 1-day epoxy garage floor though.  https://www.garage.solutions/garage-flooring/
Question: How long does epoxy floor installation take?

Answer: The answer to that question is typically 2 days to install an epoxy floor in your garage.  During the summer months we can actually do a 1-day garage floor installation.

A 1-day garage epoxy floor installation in Tulsa is possible but there is a lot of work.  Typically it is a 10-12 hour day. Epoxy flooring bonds by heat. When the epoxy flooring is mixed there is a chemical reaction that causes the product to create heat.  The heat is what cause the epoxy material to bond to itself and the concrete of your garage floor. In the winter the cold slows this process down. This is why a 1-day garage epoxy garage floor is not possible turning the winter.