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One garage flooring in Tulsa option that has created quite a buzz in the industry the last few years is polyurea or polyaspartic floor coatings. This relatively new to Tulsa coating has become the most favorite for installers as an alternative to epoxy. Our garage flooring in Tulsa has created some confusion for homeowners in Tulsa as well. The fast curing ability of the garage flooring in Tulsa system is being billed as the “Gold Standard” of garage floor coatings in Tulsa and is advertised as the best of everything that a coating can do.

So if it’s not an epoxy, what is it exactly and why would you want it on your garage floor in Tulsa? Let us help you out with that confusion about polyurea and polyaspartic garage floor coatings in Tulsa and see why many epoxy flooring Tulsa companies are not pushing this new product.

Polyurea is a subgroup of polyurethane. Like epoxy, polyurea is a 2-part component that mixes resin with a catalyst to cause the curing reaction that makes the material hard.  Both Epoxy garage flooring in Tulsa and Polyurea garage flooring in Tulsa are very similar from the looks standpoint but there are some distinct differences:

  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa is 100% U.V. stability – they will never yellow.
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa has a Crystal clear finish that won’t blush from moisture in the concrete.
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa is Similar high abrasion and scratch resistance to polyurethane.
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa has High tolerance to heat, meaning hot tire pick up is a non-issue.
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa is High film build-up that can be controlled by the applicator.
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa has High gloss finish
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa has High solids content with little to no VOC’s in most applications.
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa has high stain and chemical resistance. This includes salts for winter climates or hot summers like we have in Tulsa
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa has good flexibility for higher impact resistance.  Dropping tools doesn’t hurt it
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa is excellent wetting characteristics allowing for good penetration into the concrete for a strong bond which means longer life
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa has decreased the chance of bubbles from outgassing due to the faster cure rate.
  •        Polyurea Garage Flooring in Tulsa is 400% harder than your standard garage flooring epoxy in Tulsa

The two biggest advantages of a polyaspartic or polyurea garage flooring Tulsa are temperature and time. Unlike garage flooring epoxy in Tulsa, a polyaspartic coating can be applied in temperatures as low as -30F to as up to140F depending on how we formulate it. That means we don’t have to wait until spring or summer (when it is hot in Tulsa) to coat your garage floor in Tulsa. Typical polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings in Tulsa are applied in just two coats. Our first coat typically for epoxy flooring Tulsa is both the primer and color coat. The second layer of the garage flooring in Tulsa being the clear coat. Because of their fast cure rates, a complete garage flooring system in Tulsa can be installed in one day and returned to service the next. This means that you won’t have to do without your garage for 3-4 days like you would for a full garage epoxy system in Tulsa.

One thing to keep in mind is that like garage flooring epoxy in Tulsa, not all polyaspartics are created equal. The formulations are different and come with a lower solids content in order to lengthen the pot life depending on the weather here in Tulsa. Grinding the concrete is also the only way to do a garage floor prep in Tulsa.

We do not shortchange the preparation for our garage flooring epoxies and polyurea in Tulsa.  We require that all of our garage floorings in Tulsa has had the concrete diamond ground and any crack filled in and sealed.  This is where the looks and the resiliency of our garage flooring in Tulsa come from. We can accommodate it all so when you want an epoxy flooring Tulsa company that is clearly the best, that is what we are.