The Commercial Epoxy Flooring Craze

Commercial Epoxy flooring is becoming wildly popular in today’s market.

You would be surprised at how many people have made the decision to choose Epoxy flooring for all sorts of projects.

While Epoxy flooring is the most common in garages , there has been a significant rise in commercial epoxy flooring and even people choosing to coat their foundation with a special Epoxy that allows you to mix and match colors and designs.

It’s really something fascinating. When speaking about epoxy flooring, the most exciting thing to most people is that there are all different types of options, and colors.

In fact, there are almost no limits when speaking of Epoxy as a whole. Also, when an commercial epoxy Flooring Is done correctly, it can nearly last forever!

The most common type of epoxy flooring is what is called a flake epoxy.

Flake epoxy is when you apply a layer of epoxy to a floor or surface after it has Been prepped by grinding or shot blasting the floor to make it porous so that the primer coat of epoxy will bond.

After the floor has been prepped and all the cracks and holes have been filled that is when the Epoxy will be applied and then a heavy layer of flake is placed over it.

The flake can be almost any color or set of colors. After the flake is allowed to cure and settle into the epoxy primer the next step would be to seal the flake with a hardened coat.

The hardened coat is typically polyurea which is 100% UV resistant. What this means is the epoxy floor that you buy will not turn yellow due to sunlight exposure.

Polyurea is one of the best products to use to seal your epoxy flooring for many reasons.

In fact it is almost always advisable to use polyurea to seal your Epoxy flooring. Polyurea is considered the most overall durable and actually flexible product that can actually move when there are major shifts in weight or temperature.

This creates a more stable protective barrier over your epoxy floor and prevents scratching and chipping.

One of the major in most common benefits to choosing to install commercial epoxy flooring is how easy it is to clean.

Whether it’s in the garage or commercial floor, cleaning is as simple as sweeping the floor!

Commercial-epoxy-flooring-tulsa-51451Sweeping the floor regularly with a broom or microfiber dust mop regularly helps prevent scratches and will also reduce common wear and tear. Also for places like your garage or workspace, and even inside your home cleaning up spills are no longer a pain. Simply get a paper towel and wipe it up. This will save your carpet in your home And also will prevent things like oil from staining your floor in the garage or workspace.

So if you’re looking for a Flooring solution that gives you tons of room for options colors designs and even textures as well as something that is nearly indestructible, easy to clean, and stain resistant, reach out to the guys at Garage Solutions in Tulsa Oklahoma.

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Repair or Replace Your Commercial Epoxy Floor? 

Epoxy flooring is is becoming the go to option for looking to replace or repair flooring especially garage flooring or concrete surfaces.

When choosing to coat your concrete surface with epoxy, your floor becomes almost indestructible.

Now if you want to destroy it, by all means you can, however when we speak of every day where in tear spills or clean up, an epoxy flooring is gonna last much longer and maintain its original integrity better than virtually any of the other options.

With the strength and Diversity of options to choose from this makes epoxy flooring A great choice when looking to cost or seal concrete.

Commercial epoxy flooring is highly resistant to scratches and stains including chemical stains.

This is a great benefit for installing epoxy flooring inside of a garage or commercial workspace.

As well as being scratch resistant and stain resistant when speaking of workspaces, it is also impact resistant and could withstand high impact from falling objects such as tools or heavy parts. So having this protective coating on your concrete will prevent chips and cracks that can end up causing lot of major problems.

Commercial epoxy flooring can be as simple or as fancy as you you are looking for. Whether you’re looking to coat your home garage or a room in your home or office, an Epoxy floor will quickly change the look and feel of your space.

With all the different option of Epoxy flooring you are able to color match for making sure it really complements the room or space the way you want. An Epoxy floor will give you the ability to hide all the defects and imperfections that you’ve grown so tired of. 

The best commercial epoxy flooring is very cost effective which is another reason why it has become such a wildly popular choice for people looking to coat or protect their concrete.

When it comes to installation there are a few layers that take some time to cure, however when considering cost, diversity of options, and how long other solutions can take, it’s still unbeatable.

So you will not have to have some demolition crew coming in and spending a week being in the way when All you were  looking for was a new floor.

Typically epoxy flooring has a top coat of poly urea that seals by chemically bonding and hardening. This chemical bond and hardening Helps protect and preserve your floor for years.

Polyurea Is extremely flexible as well as scratch resistant and impact resistant. This top coat of polyurea is also stain resistant which is one of the main reasons why people choose to coat the garage or commercial workspace.Commercial-Epoxy-Flooring-Tulsa-5559

When you have an Epoxy flooring, All you have to do to clean and sweep or simply wipe with a towel. 

So what are you waiting for?

Call The epoxy flooring Tulsa Professionals at Garage Solutions 918-770-9955 and get started on your epoxy floor now.

Also be sure to check out their epoxy flooring website Garage.Solutions

To see a full breakdown of their process as well as video testimonials from previous customers explaining why they chose commercial epoxy flooring with Garage Solutions.