Epoxy Flooring OKC | Flooring That Lasts!

Are you looking for a flooring option that will endure the years? Are you looking for a durable fly option that can withstand heavy foot, traffic, automobile, traffic, and more? If so, epoxy flooring may be for you!

Epoxy flooring OKC is one of the best options for you and your flooring needs. Epoxy is a solvent based product that requires a part a and part B being mixed together in order to create an industrial bond. Once you mix these to solvents together, they are inseparable.

They create a chemical bond and form a hypothermic reaction.epoxy-flooring-okc-6182

As the mixture heats up, it begins to cure. Epoxy is a industrial level coating that is made to endure. Believe it or not, the most common place to see Apoxsee floors is actually in hospitals and big facilities.

However, it is because he ever increasingly popular to put an epoxy floor in your garage. People love the look of opening their garage to see an industrial coating  that’s endurable and shiny.

You are sure to appreciate the work of Epoxy Flooring OKC. 

You will be amazed with the transformation that your garage undergoes. If you are looking for a warrant option, that will last 15 to 20 years, then definitely check out Epoxy Flooring OKC.

You are going to be amazed with the durability and functionality these floors provide you. There is a reason that Navy ships use Epoxy as their flooring. There is a reason why hospitals prefer Epoxy over other flooring options.

The reason is because Epoxy is incredibly durable and pleasant to the eye. You will definitely appreciate having an epoxy floor in your house or whatever space you may need it. 

If you are curious at how a floor can last 15 to 20 years, then continue reading! Epoxy forms bonds two ways. The first way is a chemical bond and the second is a mechanical bond. A chemical bond is with two products react to one another to form a bond.

This is specifically designed by scientists to provide the best bond possible. Now, the second best and most durable bond is a mechanical bond. A mechanical bond is when a substance forms a bond to another surface. For example, when we come in and do your floor, it is essential that we do the proper prep work.

When we prep your floor, will you make your concrete porous and grind it up. The reason why we do this, it’s so that we could form a mechanical board with the Apoxsee add your floor. When your floor is porous, the Epoxy will seep into all of those pores and bond to the concrete and create the strongest bond possible.

A chemical bond insures durability and functionality. It is so essential that you have a mechanical bond between the first layer of epoxy  in the substrate, and then a chemical bond between the second coat of epoxy and the first coat. This ensures durability and excellence! 

Epoxy Flooring OKC | Are You Looking For Flooring Option That Will Last?

One of the biggest reasons that a Apoxsee floor will fail, is the fact that prep work was not done properly. A lot of contractors will not do the proper prep work. It takes to provide a functional and terrible floor that will last decades. We do our best to ensure durability at Epoxy Flooring OKC.

One of the saddest things as a contractor we see is lazy, prep work. So often will have to go in and fix other peoples sloppy and lazy work. We go above and beyond to ensure excellence.

We desire that your floor looks the best that I can as long as it can. This means we have to develop certain procedures that guarantee excellence. We are committed to providing you the most durable flooring option on the market.

At Epoxy Flooring OKC you can know that you are in great hands. Epoxy flooring is becoming incredibly popular and for good reasons. It’s durable. It’s aesthetically pleasing it’s incredibly functional. It’s practical, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. All it takes sometimes is a little mop and some dawn dish soap.

You will be incredibly thankful that you chose Epoxy Flooring OKC as your flooring provider. Just take a look at our countless reviews at our website and you will be seriously impressed. Our floors come with a warranty that other competitors won’t offer.

The reason why Epoxy Flooring OKC is as excellent as we are is because we take such pride in our prep work. Do you remember how I was talking about prep work earlier in the article? Prep work will make or break the job. prep work is essential for guaranteeing a reliable result.=

Epoxy Flooring Okc 3One of the reasons why we take such pride in our finished result is our stupendous and meticulous prep work. If you ask any of our employees, you will be sure to hear horror stories of previous layers of epoxy being removed we’ve had to peel up and grind off of old concrete.

Nothing is more satisfying than taking an old epoxy coating that was peeling up and placing a new coating over the top and making it look brand new. We are the leading Epoxy professionals in the area, and it would be an honor to do your floor. 

You can be sure to experience excellence when you work with our company. Definitely connect with us. If you are looking for an industrial level coding that will last decades. You will be seriously impressed with the level and quality of our work.

You will experience professionalism and excellence when we work with you. We want to hear your desires and vision for your space and see if Epoxy is really the best fit for you. We are seriously committed to helping you improve the quality of your life, and sometimes the best way to do that is an epoxy floor!

Connect with us today if you have any questions. Your best floors are right in front of you!