Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Is a company that does residential Epoxy Flooring a safe bet to do commercial epoxy flooring? Let’s talk about it!

Commercial-epoxy-flooring-tulsa-51451At Garage Solutions we are the Epoxy Flooring company has been in business serving all of the Tulsa and surrounding areas for over 10 years now. In fact, we have been able to provide Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Bartlesville, Bixby, Owasso, OKC, and even Northwest Arkansas with some amazing and beautiful Epoxy Flooring.

Another one of the things that we provide people is commercially Epoxy Flooring,! We have done floors for Tractor Supply Co., Crumbl Cookies, and many others.

We are really experts on all things flooring, so whether you’re looking for residential or commercial, we are the professionals that you should use.

We take pride in care in each and every single aspect of our job. It starts with great customer service, and ends with a beautiful product that you can be proud of. If you’re wanting to be able to provide a seamless floor, coated in epoxy so it is incredibly durable, why not call the experts that can do that for you? We are the expert. Use us, trust us, just like all of the other hundreds of people throughout the Tulsa area have so many years now. 

The Commercial Epoxy Flooring Secret?

Our products have even featured on Property Brothers, Extreme Home Makeover, Bob Villa, and many others. The reason why we have been able to get our products featured in these high profile shows is because quite simply we are the best.

We offer industrial grade epoxy and we take the time to actually get the prep work done right.commercial-epoxy-flooring-tulsa-7648

Many times when you’re looking for commercial epoxy flooring, contractors will just slap some epoxy on top of the existing concrete.

That’s why some of it starts to peel up over time. We take the time, the hours to go over every single inch of your slab or concrete and do the
right prep work to make sure that your epoxy is going to lay there for years and years to come. The secret is in the prep work that goes into it even BEFORE we lay epoxy down!

When you want to post the flooring for commercial jobs, call the pros that really know what they are doing which is Garage Solutions. Call us at 918–770-9855