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We offer a better color of flake. We also have a really great team here that’s going to help you to get everything figured out such as what kind of flake you’re going to be using and what you’re going to be doing on the epoxy-flooring-tulsa-6289 floor. depending on what type of heavy equipment that’s going to be on the floor we can adjust the process that we use and the actual material so that we can fit every floor to meet all of the specifications of everyone  individually

We are going to make a big difference for you on your floor. We do a fantastic job of following up with you and getting everything that you need. Our program is set up so that we come over and actually get the floor grinded first and we can get a nice even bevel on the concrete.

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We make sure that we go over a budget and figure out what you need and how we’re going to make it work for you so that you’re happy in the end with what you spent and you’re getting that little bit of equity built back up in your home by organizing the garage and building a solid floor.

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We make sure that we do not leave a mess behind and that we only use the top of the line material so that your garage floor lasts for a very long time. Give us a call if you’d like to schedule a time to come out and have us look at your floor. we can make your garage floor actually add value to the property.

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