Commercial Epoxy flooring is a great Choice for anyone looking for an industrial strength floor that is very easy to clean and highly resistant to the wear and tear of a commercial workspace.

When working in an industrial space or looking to apply floor to a commercial space, having a floor that is strong enough to support the wear and tear can be extremely important! 

Commercial epoxy flooring is and has become wildly popular and is also much less expensive while still being high quality and a great option! Epoxy flooring is the most effective way to go when looking for industrial strength flooring add an affordable price and can be easily repaired unlike most flooring options that can be difficult to clean,maintain, or repair on top of a high price and time consuming installation.

Commercial-epoxy-flooring-tulsa-51451Commercial epoxy flooring can be installed quickly and effectively and if maintained, will last a lifetime.

Epoxy flooring can be a great option for anyone looking for a floor that is easy to maintain. After our experts complete the installation, you can trust that your floor is sealed and is stronger than you imagined!

Cleaning your new commercial epoxy floor is a breeze! The procedures to clean and maintain your new floor can vary depending on the needs.

Our team of experts will work with you to make sure that you know what to do and how to keep up the floor and preserve its integrity!

When you are looking for a commercial epoxy flooring, one of the most exciting aspects is how many different looks and designs are possible! An epoxy floor can easily be the star of the office!

Whether you want a marbling style look in a showroom or neutral color in a work space, epoxy floors the are the most cost effective and the easiest to Maintain.

Often times lasting a lifetime. Contact our team of experts to discuss the different aspects and options that can be custom tailored to your specific requirements and desires! No other commercial strength industrial floor is as strong, customizable, and durable as an epoxy floor coating!

The process for installing a commercial epoxy floor can vary depending on the floor and the wants and needs of the customer. Each installation is unique and specific. It’s important to use a team that is highly knowledgeable to ensure proper installation.

In general the installation process consist of the preparation of the floor so that the epoxy will adhere on and into the pores of the floor allowing for an extreme hold and adhesion.

This is an extremely important part or installation that can dictate the strength and the longevity especially in an industrial or commercial space. 

If you have been working or considering doing an epoxy floor in your commercial or industrial workspace than give Garage Solutions a call Commercial-Epoxy-Flooring-Tulsa-5559today!(918-770-9855) Let one of our subject matter experts help you with decide what’s best for your space. Our team would love to help answer and questions you may have that would help you better understand your options and how it pertains to your specific work space. Visit us online at to see and read more!