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The first layer epoxy is going to be your basecoat is can be the code this going shining through the flakes is going to be able to give it that depth and that is what you’re going to choose you that you like a marble to saddle tan color and they were gonna put these flakes on top of it. So the city you want with marble even more micro models it looks just like a regular marble, but it’s got my smart flakes. In what you’re going to see is that you can be able to find the best looking garage flooring Tulsa for northern neighbors can be jealous.

Garage Flooring Tulsa

you can get that beautiful silver also white to basecoat, and they were gonna come over top of the the flakes over for these flakes want to get entirely on it and much as possible so were gonna flaking on an organic coat the entire force we were going to it looks can look like a mess in the middle, but don’t look at the middle of the process and see all this is all the threads. We can’t wait to partner with you through this and show you exactly what you need to know because we can help you out

At the one see entire floors coded what were going to do from there is going to then take the leap. Lori in order to try to blow off all the flakes that will you’re not sticking so if there’s some that are not solid there. We want to get this off because we don’t want them in your bring with the next level of epoxy so were going to create that effect were gonna make sure that has that depth and what you gonna discover is that were making sure you’re getting results in your gonna be able to

Garage flooring Tulsa At the end of the day the only that matters that your garage flooring Tulsa is looking amazing in that you’re having the results that you’re going to be benefiting from for years to come because the epoxy really does last really long time so let’s go back to how we do the process of first we arty went over the how we prep the concrete we took that be grinder on it and then we went over how we will put down the epoxy we actually spread that epoxy with the roller and then a brush on the sites is just like painting the garage floor and this is something that we do and take some time but we’re going to do it so there’s not many shrieks.

If this sounds like something you might be able to use your garage flooring Tulsa needs you need to call us up and let us see what we can do to help you. Were very passionate these kinds things we want to show you the options we can present you and how we can get started with you. Don’t hesitate any longer pick up the phone and call sub and you’re going be very glad you did so let me tell you when you want to get inspired you need to do so today get inspired and Get in touch by calling 918-770-9855 or go online to

Garage flooring Tulsa | the best to clean

Garage flooring Tulsa Were going to notice is that if you use a contracted is not very skilled are the never experienced you can actually look at the epoxy and see all the streaks of that which they put the roller on new a good a contractors going to do in such a way that when they are putting the epoxy overcoat to put that code on there is really not can be any streaks at all this I can have to worry about it you can be able to tell where each brush marks and it in that is the key to a good contractor in the you. They might even go over it several times just make sure that there’s not many issues.

Then were going to put the plates honestly talk about him done the flakes out completely coating the garage help might look like it is a mess or wars on which going to trust the process they were gonna blow all this extra flakes off the excess flexor didn’t stick to get off the ground were gonna get out of the way that is, we don’t want them interviewing with the next cut of epoxy get anything loosen their could actually interfere with that clear-cut epoxy were gonna put down.

So after that process is done. Were going to start spreading on the click of it is going to be just like the other ones that we did so just like the previous layer epoxy were restrained, garage flooring Tulsa the roller brush and get a new roar do the same thing with this except this is going to be clear-cut is actually going to be see right through it. It doesn’t look like and things that all. Some people don’t realize it would actually put epoxy on it even though we put up these stickers as a. Don’t walk your the walk straight through in the get epoxy all the shoes in a mess of the Chrysler

It does kinda smelled the epoxy does have a spell to us. We don’t recommend you being there when were doing it because the fumes can add cause headaches and candies. Most of but if you want to yields open up your garage, lock your door does the project let us in there that’s common people let us do it all time and you can actually get a lot of comfort dining get a lot of things done in your own time, what were doing this in your gonna come back to his beautiful rush for now. It does take some time to fully set and that’s when people on the people don’t realize

when you’re out there and you’re making sure that your garage flooring Tulsa needs are being met you need to make sure you’re getting us on the job because if you want to get Garage Solutions to work for you then you need call sub the sooner we can help you find the best way to get in touch with us is by getting on the phone and get inspired today is when you want to get the job done and get inspired Get in touch by calling 918-770-9855 or go online to