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Have you ever seen a designer Garage in a magazine or online or possibly in person and you think to yourself what kind of rich people have such fancy garages was not just for the rich anymore just about anybody could afford to have a designer garage from inspired spaces first thing you do to get it in a designer garage as you get garage cabinets from inspired spaces garage cabinets are great way to help and you put it behind the door we utilize nothing but lifetime warranty then for all of our garage cabinets in garage organizations then once everything is off the floor you have to have a top-quality beautiful Epoxy Floor Tulsa in your garage in Tulsa from inspired spaces

Epoxy Floor Tulsa

and epoxy floor is the best way to Showcase your garage to everyone that walks by or drive by or you take into your garage if you want your garage to stand out from the rest you need to have your garage organized by inspired spaces we can create a designer garage that fits your personality and gives you the look that you’re wanting to achieve we can do just about any color and everything we do is custom when it comes to the garage cabinets and garage organization then once everything looks exactly the way you want we come in and put it in a beautiful epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from inspired spaces your floor will look beautiful and it too will have a lifetime warranty Epoxy Floor Tulsa


no one else in Tulsa will give you a lifetime warranty on your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from inspired spaces we can do it because we are using the best materials on the market today the best manufacturers in the United States make epoxy floor materials for inspired spaces and it’s not just the materials that set us apart we do a comprehensive job of installing the floors correctly not everybody takes all the time that is necessary to install an epoxy floor in your garage and Tulsa only with inspired spaces we come in we Diamond grind your garage concrete floor with a diamond grinding machine it’s the same diamonds Epoxy Floor Tulsa that you would put in a ring they’re very expensive but they’re very hard we utilize them because they can actually take up concrete


Epoxy Floor Tulsa we do this because of two things when you install concrete you’re intentionally covering up all the pores of the concrete so it doesn’t stain easily the other thing is that the stains you do have in your concrete make it hard for the epoxy to bond to the garage floor once this is done and we clean up every Speck of dust that’s in your garage then we come in and let make sure that all your cracked have been fully repaired we don’t want your epoxy floor in your garage and Tulsa from inspired spaces to look unsightly because of cracks in your concrete we fill them in with a special crack filling agent that makes the crack completely disappear so you never know it was there once we’re done then we lay our base coat of epoxy which is also our primer primary color then we put on the chips or the flakes the chips are flakes in go on and just about any color that you want our primary color is called Marble Marble is a combination of black white and gray it’s so common that about over 90% of all of our floor installs are that very color it’s a very versatile color they can go with just about anything once these are laid your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from inspired spaces is halfway done we then come back the next day and scrape your garage floor

Epoxy Floor Tulsa so that we get the exact texture that you’re looking for only a seasoned veteran can scrape your floor correctly you don’t want too much scraping or you’ll have a very smooth garage floor if you scrape too much do smooth and if you scrape too little it’s too sharp the key is to get it just right and only a seasoned professional can do that that’s why your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from inspired spaces must be done by the best call inspired spaces today once they scrape then they clean up the mess and they have one more thing to do that is installed the beautiful clear coat on top of the flakes the clear coat is what gives your floor the durability that you need and the sheen that you want you got it installed the best that’s why inspired spaces only that uses the best for your garage floor in Tulsa that’s an epoxy floor only from inspired spaces then your garage Transformations complete you’ll have a designer garage that you love that you want to show off to all your friends and neighbors you’ll be the Envy of the neighborhood then all your friends will be jealous because you have an epoxy floor in your garage and Tulsa from inspired spaces and you have garage cabinets in your garage in Tulsa from inspired spaces your garage will be both functional and beautiful for the lifetime that you own it that lifetime warranty only is given to you from inspired spaces you can’t find it anywhere else oh honey now you’re someone to install epoxy floors in your garage until start easy to find but the best are not as easy to find only get a lifetime warranty on your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa only from inspired spaces the extra fuson square square foot is well worth the money knowing that you have the peace of mind that your investment will be with you for the life that you own the home don’t forget the resale value of your home either if you want your home to get the most resale value possible then think about getting it inspired spaces epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa