How is polyurea better than epoxy floor Tulsa?

Garage Solutions of Tulsa knows that it takes to have the best epoxy floor in Tulsa.  The way to have the best epoxy floor Tulsa in your garage is to not have epoxy. You must have polyurea.  Polyurea is stronger, harder, so much more seductive than just plain epoxy.

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Polyurea isn’t that hard to find if you know what you’re looking for.  Most epoxy floor Tulsa installers don’t know what polyurea is. That’s because they haven’t had the training requirement to be the best.


Garage Solutions of Tulsa will get you a polyurea floor in Tulsa in your garage and it will stand the test of time.  Lifetime warranty epoxy floor products only comes with polyurea. Polyurea installs and looks exactly like epoxy floor Tulsa, but it is 20 times harder than a typical epoxy floor Tulsa.


If you want the best to last a lifetime call the best.  Call Garage Solutions today to get a 100% solids polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa in your garage floor from the very best.    At Garage Solutions we are invested into making sure that your garage looks the way that you want it to look. We are not happy with you being just ok.  We are only happy with you being thrilled.

Garage Organization Tulsa } Ready for Life

Garage Organization Tulsa } Ready for Life

Garage Solutions of Tulsa is the best.  Don’t believe me? That’s fine. Check us our on Google.  Google Inspired spaces Tulsa and you will find out Google listing.  You will find that we have more reviews and are higher rated than all of our competitors COMBINED in Tulsa.  Let our customers tell you what it means to be the best. You don’t have to believe anything that we tell you about epoxy floor Tulsa.  Let our customer reviews define the best.


Our competitors in Tulsa only have half the combined reviews that we do.  That’s huge. Would you buy from a company with 4 total reviews or hundreds of reviews?  Don’t you think that what customers are saying is important. Of course it is. Our Google reviews of our epoxy floor Tulsa are imperative to having the best in your garage in Tulsa and that epoxy floor Tulsa is from Garage Solutions.


Polyurea is just one of the tools that we use on your garage floor to ensure that you have the best.  Did you know that our process is superior to everyone else too? The way that you can get the best is to have the best process.  Making sure that your garage floor in Tulsa is ready receive epoxy floor Tulsa is the first step.


Preparing your garage floor correctly is the first step of an epoxy floor Tulsa to ensuring that you have a lifetime polyurea epoxy floor.   To prepare your garage floor of course you need everything out of the garage, but more importantly we have to create the concrete profile that is conducive to having the epoxy floor Tulsa bond to your concrete.  Concrete was not designed to be able to polyurea bond to it. Therefore we have to manipulate the concrete to accept the polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa.


The way that we accomplish this is that we diamond grind or shot blast your garage floor and take a small layer of concrete off of the top.  This does level the concrete a little bit but more importantly it open the pores of the concrete. This process create a concrete floor in your garage that is about 100 grit profile.  At 100 grit concrete profile in your garage the polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa can bond completely to the concrete. If you don’t get a 100 grit profile in your garage in Tulsa then the epoxy floor Tulsa will not bond to your concrete and your beautiful garage floor will chip and flake off.

You want the best and a life long warranty then you have to do the prep work first.  Do not use an acid or acid wash. Get the best. To get the best you much exfoliate your concrete.  You want the pores of the concrete clean and ope nand that will make the garage floor ready for the transformation.

You are then ready for the first coat of epoxy floor Tulsa.  The first layer is both a primer and the layer that holds onto your color chips.  Your color chips are important when it comes to the looks and the profile of your floor.  This is what give your garage floor the look that you want but also the texture that you need.


Color flakes on your epoxy floor Tulsa is a fine line between slip resistance and easy to clean.  A well experienced technician from Garage Solutions uses the best tools and experience to find the happy medium between flipping and falling and the easy to clean.  


After the color flakes are installed on the polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa then it is time for the clear coat.  Clear coat is what gives you the long lasting beautiful shinene and shine. This is also what creates the hardness for your garage floor.  


Once the clear coat is dry then your polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa is ready for a lifetime of wear and tear.  Your polyurea flooring in your garage will stand the test of time. So how do you get the best garage floor in Tulsa?  Call Garage Solutions of Tulsa at 918-770-9855


You don’t call the second best and expect to get the best.  Call the best epoxy floor Tulsa installers and get the best.  You will be happy that you did. Our happy customers on Google tell our story.  We have more google reviews than all of our Tulsa competitors combined. Why you ask?  Because we are the best and we treat our customers like they’re the best. Don’t waste your time with half price epoxy floor Tulsa.  You will get half the quality. Get an epoxy floor Tulsa for a lifetime, get the best, get Garage Solutions of Tulsa. You will be glad that you called the best, Garage Solutions.