Epoxy floor Tulsa | Polyurea for the Lifetime Warranty

You probably have a lot of questions when it comes to epoxy floor Tulsa versus polyurea Tulsa.  What is the difference? Is there a difference? Epoxy garage coatings have been around for a long time.  They are also known as “Rubberized garage flooring”. Epoxy is now in its 3rd generation of garage floor coatings.  


Epoxy floor Tulsa has upped its game over time.  The premium epoxy floor coatings are now 100% solids.  This means that you are getting 100% complete epoxy material instead of a bunch of other chemicals in your floor coatings.  This means that your epoxy floor Tulsa could last much longer.


Epoxy floor Tulsa have a reputation of being damageable.  They can flake off and peel. Does this mean that epoxy garage floor coatings are not permanent flooring materials?  Epoxy floor Tulsa, although it can be long lasting is not a permanent garage floor coating option. Epoxies can be long lasting but they are not going to be the lifetime warranty.  They can last a long time in your garage but there are certain limitations to epoxy floor Tulsa that you want to stay away from.


First you need to know that epoxy is not ultraviolet (UV) stable.  What does that mean. In reality over time, epoxy floor Tulsa will yellow if given much access to sunlight.  This isn’t necessarily a big issue if you are in the garage. The rule will be with your garage is that you do not want your garage floor coating to be given direct access to sunlight.  Nobody wants a yellow floor. So if you get an epoxy floor garage coating do not let it have access to direct sunlight.


The second thing that you need to know is that epoxy floor Tulsa do not bond well with concrete.  In fact, to get epoxy floor coatings to bond to concrete floors installers need to remove a little bit of concrete off of the top of your garage floor to be able to obtain a bond to your concrete floor.  The way around this limitation is that the quality epoxy floor Tulsa installers is to utilize a diamond grinder or a shot blaster to remove the top layer of concrete from your garage floor. This opens the pores of your garage floor up to take a later of garage floor coating.

Epoxy Blue Flake Garage

Beautiful Epoxy Flake Garage Floor

5 Star Rating | Epoxy Floor

5 Star Rating | Epoxy Floor

Finally, epoxy floor Tulsa is soft.  This is good in some cases. If you have a garage floor that has cracks in it that moves then epoxy floor Tulsa is what you want.  The epoxies will move with the movement of your garage floor. This will prevent the moving concrete to damage your garage floor coating.


The down side of epoxy floor Tulsa is that it is a soft floor and therefore more possible for it to get damaged.  When you drop things on your garage floor it will often chip the epoxy floor Tulsa. Another thing that damages epoxy garage floor coatings is hot tires from cars.  The heat in the middle of the summer in Tulsa get really high, especially on black top. When you park your vehicles on the epoxy floor Tulsa it can cause the epoxy product to delaminate and damage it.  

Epoxy Garage Floor | Colors

Epoxy Garage Floor | Colors

So how does polyurea garage floor Tulsa different from epoxy.  Polyurea Tulsa looks the exact same as epoxy garage floor coatings.  Polyurea is installed much the same way as epoxy floor Tulsa but it is not limited the same way that typical epoxy garage floor coatings.  The biggest thing about Polyurea Tulsa is that it is 4 to 20 times harder than your typical epoxy floor garage coatings.


That’s right, polyurea is 4 to 20 times harder than your average epoxy products.  This means your floor will last you the test of time. Because we utilize only polyurea Tulsa products then you get a lifetime warranty on all of our garage floor coatings from Garage Solutions of Tulsa.

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Polyurea

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Polyurea

Another benefit of polyurea Tulsa versus epoxy floor Tulsa is that polyurea Tulsa is 100% UV stable.  This means that you garage floor coating will not fade or will not yellow over time. This is a big benefit because you can leave your garage open. You can show off your polyurea Tulsa and epoxy floor Tulsa. You don’t want your garage floor coating to have to be hidden from the world.


You want to share your amazing epoxy floor Tulsa with the world and polyurea Tulsa garage floor coating is beautiful and you want your neighbors and friends.  

Epoxy floor Tulsa

Garage Organization Tulsa | Epoxy floor tulsa

Epoxy Floors Tulsa

Epoxy Floors Tulsa | Best garage floor

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Greatest garage flooring

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Greatest garage flooring

Garage Flooring Tulsa

Garage Flooring Tulsa | Garage organization

Garage Flooring Tulsa | Garage organization 2

Garage Flooring Tulsa | Garage organization 2

Polyurea Tulsa is the premiere standard of garage floor coatings.  You want the lifetime warranty that comes with polyurea garage floor coatings.  Hot tires are not an issue for polyurea. All the chemicals in your vehicles could fall out of your car and it will not harm your garage floor coatings because polyurea Tulsa is so hard and resistant that you will not have any damage.


The reality of getting a lifetime warranty on your garage floor coating is what you need.  You can’t get more of a value in the Tulsa area. Call the best at Garage Solutions of Tulsa at 9187709855.  


We will come to your home and measure your garage.  While we are there we will have real life epoxy floor Tulsa samples and polyurea Tulsa samples.  We have a variety of colors and a reality of coarseness. We will help you identify what kind of garage floor coating that you want.  We will consult with you in your garage. We will show up on time and in uniform and give you a quote.


Our guarantee, is that we will be on time and on budget for your garage floor coating.  Call the best in Tulsa to get the best polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa garage floor coatings. Our technicians are highly trained and will work hard to make you smile.  You will love your new garage floor coatings because you got the best polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa from inspired Spaces of Tulsa.