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I want you to think of the best house that you ever saw.


  • Was there something that you took away from that house that stood out?  
  • Does something come to mind?
  • Was there a room there was just immaculate?
  • Decoration that was just beautiful? Was there a feature of the home that you just thought “this is your home”.
  • Is there a room that said need this one?
  • Did you know that epoxy floors from Garage Solutions your garage in Tulsa can be the focal point of your home’s resale value?


That’s right Garage Solutions will help you install epoxy floor and help you to watch floor help increase the resale value of your home.


Do you have unsightly cracks in your garage floor? Does your garage floor make your home look like it’s old and make it look unsightly?  Are you afraid of potential buyers to come into your garage? Come see Garage Solutions for epoxy floor Tulsa in your garage. Garage Solutions could help you transform your home into a prime selling machine.


That’s right we will come in and we will cover up all the cracks in your garage flooring. We will fill in the cracks with our powerful epoxy floor Tulsa products. After your cracks are filled we will take a diamond grinder a grind down the top layer of your concrete from edge to edge in your garage. We diamond grind because it is the hardest thing that we know of a planet earth. Those actual diamonds dig into the concrete to rough it up.  When your concrete is roughed up and everything’s clean then we can go over the top of your concrete is ready for first layer of epoxy floor.


The first  layer does a bunch of things. First layer of course is a primer.  This is what your flooring will bind to. If you don’t diamond grind at first then your epoxy floor Tulsa can’t actually fuse to the concrete.


The primer helps keep all the salts and all the water push down.  You know want to have concrete floor that doesn’t allows water to come up through the concrete. Your epoxy garage floor in Tulsa will not be able stand in Tulsa without a good priming layer.  So the priming layer of epoxy floor Tulsa does another thing. It is what holds on to your colored chips. So after we installed the first layer of epoxy flooring in your garage in Tulsa we install your colored ship. These are texture chips. They are about quarter inch in diameter and you get to pick the color. That’s right, you get to pick whether you get black, white, and Gray. That is our most popular color for your epoxy floors in Tulsa. You could choose pink, yellow, and Orange or any combination that you wanted.

We can do it and it’s not even an extra charge your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from Garage Solutions. The color is a 100% custom. When it comes to your color choice we could even insert your teams logos and even photos. So after the color flake is installed, we allow that’s dry. After your epoxy floor Tulsa is dried then it is ready to have the color chips scraped.  Garage flooring can have a lot of different coarseness to it. So if you want a really course garage floor then we would not scrape very much.


Epoxy garage floors Tulsa are a trade off between really course. Your garage floors could really course then it’s hard to clean. Because there’s a lot of valleys in between the peaks if you look at the profile. On the other hand if your epoxy floor Tulsa is really smooth it will become slick when it was wet. So obviously your epoxy floor Tulsa should not be to course or to slick.


We definitely want to find a happy medium for your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from Garage Solutions. This is where an expert comes in to play. Don’t settle for a technician that’s only been installing epoxy floors in Tulsa for a year or 6 months. They will get it wrong.


You will be happy with your garage floor in Tulsa. Garage innovations should not be left to anyone but the experts. Garage Solutions we scrape your  epoxy floor Tulsa in your garage. We are going to clean up all the excess. We can sweep it or we could vacuum it up. One of our best ways is to use a leaf blower to blow it all into a corner and then we can just suck the excess. At that point, your epoxy floor Tulsa as ready for the clear coat.


The clear coat is an essential part of making sure that you have a epoxy floor Tulsa for years years to come. Our lifetime epoxy floor Tulsa product is four times harder than the average epoxy product. We utilize a product that is the Holy Grail of epoxy flooring.  It is called polyurea. Polyurea is the gold standard in epoxy floor products.


Polyurea is 4 times harder than your average epoxy floor Tulsa material. That’s right this is the same material that the United States Navy uses on their ships. Polyurea clear coat go on the top of your color flakes, and it will provide the sealant. Polyurea clear coat provides the protection and the durability. Polyurea provides that beautiful sheen you’re looking to get from your epoxy floor Tulsa.  We are the only ones in Tulsa that sell and install this brand of Polyurea nd only from Garage Solutions.


Did you know Garage Solutions is the only company in Tulsa that can can sell our products. If you want the best on your garage floor in Tulsa then call the best. To get the best epoxy floor Tulsa then know that’s Garage Solutions. 9187709855.

Don’t forget to call about our lifetime warranty garage cabinets and get a lifetime warranty. Our lifetime warranty shelving systems, Finally we do you want your organizing done? Your garage innovations should only be left to the very best. The best is Garage Solutions. You want garage shelving, garage cabinets, or garage flooring with that beautiful epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa. Call Garage Solutions to get a uniform technician to come to your home and give you a quotation. We will transform your garage into your favorite room of your home. We will add resale value and make you the envy of your neighborhood, your friends, and your family call today.