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The epoxy floor Tulsa by Garage Solutions gives you the beautiful look the you been wanting in your garage in Tulsa. Call Garage Solutions today at 9187709855 and have a free in garage consultation with in epoxy floor Tulsa specialists.

Epoxy Floor Tulsa

They will come to your home on time in uniform and in a professional manner will give you a free consultation and quote on what it will take to make sure that your garage is the best room and your favorite room of the home. Epoxy floor Tulsa is the most highly rated in the Tulsa area we have more 5 star reviews than all of our competitors in Tulsa combined. Moreover, the technician that comes to your home has years of garage floor Tulsa experience.



The epoxy floor Tulsa from Garage Solutions are the best and highest quality floors that you will get. Nobody else in Tulsa has a lifetime warranty on their floors.  If you want the best for your epoxy floor Tulsa call Garage Solutions today, you will not be sorry.


Do you want to make your garage your favorite room the home, and increase your home’s resale value? Call today to get a free consultation in your garage epoxy floors Tulsa. Get the best from the best, we have a lifetime warranty on everything that we sell and install. Don’t expect that the cut rate floor installers in Tulsa will give you anything but cut rate quality.


We have the best floor products, the best customer service, the best preparation, the best clean up, and the highest quality epoxy floor Tulsa. Garage Solutions is the only company that you should turn to for your garage flooring needs.  


Do you want to increase the resale value of your home? Did you know that epoxy floor Tulsa can make sure that your home is worth more.  We will cover of all the unsightly cracks in your epoxy floor Tulsa and put a beautiful resilient glistening easy to clean hard to damage floor on your garage epoxy floor Tulsa.


Garage Solutions is the place to get the best for your money. Nobody else in Tulsa is going to give you a lifetime warranty.  Garage Solutions has a lifetime warranty on everything they do. If you aren’t satisfied they will keep working till you are satisfied. Did you know that most epoxy floor Tulsa  install companies in Tulsa do not give a lifetime warranty epoxy floor Tulsa, but from Garage Solutions is the only way to get a lifetime warranty on your floor.


We can’t give lifetime warranties on our epoxy floor Tulsa unless we’d do everything correctly, and we go to all the hard work to make sure that we do the best prep work in the city. We utilize diamond grinding machines to etch away a small layer of concrete before we ever use a drop of epoxy floor Tulsa.  That’s right we use real diamonds to pull away a little bit a your concrete so that we can make sure that epoxy floor Tulsa fully bonds to your concrete in your garage.


If there is not a strong bond between the concrete in epoxy floor Tulsa from Garage Solutions then your floor will chip up and it will look bad. That’s why we go to all the trouble to make sure that we diamond grind the floor and clean it thoroughly so that epoxy floor Tulsa can fully bond to your concrete. Then we go over the top of it with our premium epoxy floor Tulsa product that nobody else in the Tulsa area can sell this industrial strength lifetime warranty epoxy floor Tulsa. Only from Garage Solutions after that you get to choose what color flake that you want.


Do you like red green yellow blue-gray black white Brown color chip in your garage.  It doesn’t matter, we can do them all. Then we let that dry and scrape off the flake the next day. The scraping is very important because this is where you get your slip resistance from. You don’t want to scrape too much or to be too smooth, and it’ll be easy to fall. For your epoxy floor Tulsa you don’t want to scrape too little or it’s going to be to hard to clean.


So what you have is where a professional that is done before is crucial. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you’re going to end up with an epoxy floor you don’t like. That’s why you can trust the experts at epoxy floor Tulsa from Garage Solutions. We will make sure that your floors are perfect and exactly what you need to be safe from slipping but still easy to clean. After we get through scraping and we clean up then it’s time for the best part, the clear coat.


Clear coating puts a small and very strong protective layer between your chips and you. You always want your epoxy floor to look good and be shiny and clean. All this is where you get that look. The clear coat must be a high quality extremely strong product, that’s why we only use the best epoxy floor Tulsa. Garage Solutions uses the best clear coat material on the market. This is called polyurea. Polyurea is 4 times harder than a standard epoxy floor Tulsa, but it looks the same.


Then we must make sure that it is installed evenly and smoothly. One little bump, a little bit too much product in your garage, won’t look right.  That’s why you need the experts at epoxy floor from Garage Solutions to come to your home and do the best quality work of anyone in the Tulsa area.


There is a reason why we have more 5 star reviews than everyone else in Tulsa combined. Because we are the best, we give lifetime warranties.  We do the best and we use the best. Don’t settle for second rate epoxy floor Tulsa because it will look bad and will chip up. Then it will actually hurt your home’s resale value. You can get the best increase on your home’s resale value by calling Garage Solutions and 9187709855 and get the best epoxy floor Tulsa that money can buy.