Epoxy floor Tulsa | Head and shoulders above the rest

At Garage Solutions of Tulsa hour epoxy floor Tulsa products stand head and shoulders above the competition. You don’t have to guess where the best epoxy floor comes from; it comes from Garage Solutions.


Our garage flooring products are bar none the best garage flooring products on the market today. We use the same materials that the United States navy utilizes on their warships. We utilize a product called polyurea.  Polyurea is a subset of the epoxy flooring genre. The major difference between an average epoxy product and our top of the line polyurea product is that is polyurea. Polyurea is 4 to 20 times harder than a plain epoxy floor Tulsa.

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Close-up | Marble

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Close-up | Marble

That’s right 4 to 20 times harder depending on which products that we are comparing to. When you get a garage floor in your home from Garage Solutions. You are getting a floor that will last a lifetime because of that we offer a free lifetime warranty floor for your garage in Tulsa and that’s only from Garage Solutions.  Our floor is twenty times harder than a lot of be epoxy floors that you find in the Tulsa area.

Epoxy Garage Floor | Colors

Epoxy Garage Floor | Colors

You don’t have to worry if your epoxy garage floor will look the same way the day after we’re done versus the year after we’re done installing your garage floor.  Because our polyurea epoxy garage floors last a lifetime.

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Polyurea

Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Polyurea

Check us out on Google. We have more 5 star reviews than the rest of our competition combined in the Tulsa area. That’s right all of our competition combined has fewer 5 star reviews then Garage Solutions of Tulsa.


The reason that we have more 5 star reviews is because we have happy customers. We are not satisfied by doing just a good job in providing you with a lifetime warranty. We want you to be happy. We want see a smile on your face; that’s the difference with Garage Solutions. Our epoxy floor Tulsa products are the best.

Epoxy floor Tulsa

Garage Organization Tulsa | Epoxy floor tulsa

If you want the best you don’t call anyone else only call Garage Solutions. Because they are the best Garage Solutions come to the home on time with a uniformed technician.  They help you decide what kind of garage flooring products that you want do you want. A garage floor that is smooth but susceptible the slips and falls, or do you want a rough floor that’s maybe hard to clean. Do you want a garage floor that has a lot of slip texture or you want an expert to help you get the happy medium for your a epoxy floor Tulsa.


That’s where the experience of decades of in epoxy installation come in valuable.  Because we know how to find just the right coarseness and smoothness or your epoxy floor garage so that you aren’t susceptible to slips and falls. It is still easy to clean and don’t forget about that shine our epoxy floor garages with a 100% polyurea clear coat.  The polyurea clear coat keeps that beautiful shine on your garage floor for a lifetime.


Don’t worry about dropping tools or damage from hot tires don’t make a difference. This garage coating won’t crack or flake or peel up because we do all the work required to make sure that our epoxy floor Tulsa Is installed per the manufacturer requirements for our polyurea projects.


That’s right, not everyone installs the epoxy floors in your garage correctly like Garage Solutions of Tulsa. Garage Solutions of Tulsa goes to great lengths to make sure that your garage floor is prepared correctly. We have a couple tools at our disposal, but both of include removing a small layer of concrete off with your garage floor.


Once that’s completed then we clean up our mess and only then is your concrete for ready to bond with your epoxy floor Tulsa from Garage Solutions. We utilize the best.  We have the best tools utilize the best technicians in Tulsa. We have the most experienced epoxy floor Tulsa Foreman in Tulsa. We have the best polyurea and epoxy floor products that can be found on the market today. We are the only ones in the Tulsa area that are allowed to sell our polyurea products.


That’s right you can’t find the same materials anywhere else because the manufacturer identified Garage Solutions as being the best. They only wanted their Premier products to be sold and installed by folks that do epoxy floors Tulsa the best.   


So if you want the best products on your garage floor and if you want your garage concrete coating to look like it’s brand new the rest of your life then call the very best at 9187709855 or visit us at www.InspiredSpacesOK.com


Don’t take our word on the fact that we are the best, check us out on Google. Just Google Garage Solutions of Tulsa and let our 5 star reviews speak for themselves. Again we have more 5 star reviews for our epoxy floor Tulsa products than the rest of our competition combined.


So check this out, if you want the best then ask about our garage organizational products as well.

We have garage cabinets, we have garage shelving, we have slatwall products, and we have experts that know how to make sure that everything is off the floor and put in its place.


You don’t have to live with a messy garage anymore. You don’t have to live with a floor that looks ugly. Does your floor have big cracks in it? The experience technicians at Garage Solutions will be able to fill in all your concrete cracks and utilize their polyurea epoxy products to cover them up as if they were never there.


Don’t let your home’s resale value suffer because you didn’t call Garage Solutions of Tulsa and get a polyurea epoxy floor Tulsa installed in your garage for your concrete coating beats the rest.


We aren’t afraid of planning that your epoxy floor Tulsa products are the best for your garage. Because we have the best products, technicians, equipment, experience, and know how to give you the best concrete coating in Tulsa in your garage and that’s from Garage Solutions.