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Hi I’m Jerome from Garage Solutions. You know your garage does not have to look bad.

Did you know that you can have a be ashamed of your garage. Don’t be ashamed of your garage anymore get epoxy floor Tulsa in your garage in Tulsa from Garage Solutions. You will get the best quality garage flooring. Our epoxy flooring Tulsa is the best available on the market today. Don’t let your garage innovations be left to the inexperienced.


The company that you know and trust take care of your garage organization.  Come see Garage Solutions of Tulsa. We come in and we help you get the garage you’ve always wanted. You want a dream garage?


Well, Garage Solutions of Tulsa hope you don’t just fine the cheap epoxy floors Tulsa. Those are not the best garage flooring materials on the market today.  We don’t use cut rate materials for your garage.


You know most people are embarrassed of their garage. Most people close the garage door as soon as possible. They close the door and don’t let any visitor. They especially don’t let the in-laws enter because they’re ashamed of how about their garage looks.


At Garage Solutions we specialize in transforming that room of your house. A lot of people treat the garage as it is the red headed step child.  We can help you transform it to one of your favorite rooms of your entire house.

One of the fast selling products we have  is our epoxy floor Tulsa for your garage in Tulsa.  Our garage flooring in Tulsa from Garage Solutions is the highest quality. Our garage epoxy flooring product is the best that you will find on the market today.

It is and the most reliable material for heavy commercial use, but we put it in your home garage. What that means for you is that you don’t have to worry about your epoxy floor in your garage starting to chip up or starting to flake apart.  Our products for epoxy floor Tulsa are the same garage flooring products that the US navy uses. That’s right, the United States Navy utilizes the same products that we use with your garage flooring.

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Don’t get half price materials and expect full price results. Call the experts today to get your garage flooring and your epoxy floor Tulsa installed by experts in Tulsa. Garage Solutions will come to your home and spend the time with you so you can understand exactly what products you want.


We will come to your home and help you pick out your epoxy floor for your garage.  Epoxy floor Tulsa is not only beautiful, but it can stand the test of time.


Did you know Garage Solutions of Tulsa has a lifetime warranty on everything they do. That’s right, our epoxy floor for your garage has a lifetime warranty. Nobody else in Tulsa has a lifetime warranty.  Your garage innovations should be left to Garage Solutions.


Garage Solutions can help you organize your garage.  Now is the right time to get garage cabinets with a lifetime warranty. Now is the time to get garage shelving along with their lifetime warranty. Call today 9187709855 to have a highly trained epoxy floor Tulsa expert come to your garage and help you get the garage that you’ve always dreamed of.


No dream garages are not too far away, you can get a dream garage today call Garage Solutions to have there epoxy floor Tulsa experts come to your home in Tulsa and help you decide what kind of garage flooring best fits your needs.


Are you worried about slip protection? Our Epoxy flooring for your garage from Garage Solutions has solutions. They will help you avoid slips and falls in your garage. Epoxy flooring does not have to be slick, but if the garage flooring is done correctly it will have plenty of traction.  It can be slippery and slick floors mean slipping and falling. Slick garage flooring means that you could be hurting yourself and that’s not what anybody wants.


Of course you don’t want too course of a garage floor either. If your epoxy floor is too course then you can’t get your garage floor clean and dirt will reside in the valleys in between the high points. That’s not what you want either. Our epoxy floor Tulsa in your garage needs to have the perfect combination between course and smooth. Call the experts at Garage Solutions get help.


You get the garage floor that you’ve always dreamed of. That garage floor has the epoxy floor Tulsa that you’ve always wanted with the slip protection that need. Slip protection is always being in it. Don’t forget about that lifetime warranty. Our lifetime warranty is truly a lifetime. As long as you own your home, your lifetime warranty will be in effect.


Our epoxy floor products can even be installed in the middle of winter. That’s right with most epoxy floor installers are sidelined. Because their epoxy flooring that they is susceptible to cold. Garage Solutions can forge ahead.


That’s right, Garage Solutions is the only company in the Tulsa area that has the ability to sell their patented products.  Our epoxy garage flooring products are made for industrial and heavy commercial applications. Our epoxy floor product can be installed in cold temperatures. That’s right in the middle of Winter our garage flooring products can still be in installed. Nobody else in Tulsa can do that.


Don’t leave your garage innovations to people that don’t have the best materials. Get the best from Garage Solutions today. You will receive a lifetime warranty. You will receive the highest level of customer satisfaction. On the market today, did you know that Garage Solutions is the highest rated and most reviewed? That’s right, we have more 5-star reviews than all of our competitors  combined.


Don’t take our word for it. Check us out on Google to see our reviews.  Don’t leave your garage innovations needs to folks that don’t have lots of Google reviews.  Check out our Google reviews today. Feel free to Google Garage Solutions and check us out on Google. We have more Google reviews that all of our competitors in Tulsa. Our Google reviews are all 5 star reviews. If you want epoxy floor from the best check us out on Google.


We are proud of our Google reviews. We are going to work hard to keep you happy. We know that you are going to love your garage floor so much that you be willing to give us a 5-star review. We work hard to make sure you have the best. You will get the best. We work to get that smile every time. Get epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from Garage Solutions. There will be no regrets.


You will be the envy of your neighborhood. Neighbors will want to come over and see how beautiful your garage floor is.  It will make your wife will be happy. Your garage floor will make you kids safe from slip and fall. Your in-laws will be proud of you. You will probably die a happy person because you got epoxy floor in your garage from Garage Solutions.


Ask about our pol urea products. Polyurea is a subset of the epoxy flooring market. We utilize polyurea because it’s 4 times harder than normal epoxy alone. That’s right our product is 4 times harder. Polyurea is more resilient than plane epoxy for your garage floor. That means that you have to work 4 times harder to hurt our garage flooring. Because we utilize superior products like polyurea we can offer lifetime warranty on our flooring installations.


Don’t leave your garage innovations to chumps. It’s time more Google reviews mattered. Google us and see our 5-star reviews. Check is out on our website.  Call to have a experienced technician come to your home. He will be wearing a uniform. We will show up on time. We will measure your garage and give you examples of how we install the best garage. We are the best you can find in Tulsa. Your garage flooring needs are covered by Garage Solutions.


Get epoxy floor from the experts today. We can do any color you are looking for. We can use any chip. We can do smooth garage floor or course. We could even add few extra traction silicone balls to make sure you don’t have the slip and falls. Ask us about our lifetime warranty on our epoxy flooring.


You’ll be happy. You got a lifetime warranty on your garage floor in Tulsa from Garage Solutions.Our polyurea products are the best. Our epoxy products are the best. Our technicians are the best. Our installations know that we have to diamond grind all concrete floors. Before we ever install our epoxy we use actual diamonds to take off a small layer of a concrete. We will make sure your garage floor will get the best products. Our polyurea will bond forever to your garage floor. Don’t settle for second best. Get only the very best from Garage Solutions for your epoxy flooring in your garage in Tulsa.