Epoxy Floor Tulsa | Chip and Flake

Have you heard that epoxy floors and garages in Tulsa aren’t worth the money have you seen them chip and Flake and fall apart have you been worried about epoxy floors and said you don’t want to get one because they might come up well don’t listen to that noise we offer a lifetime warranty on our part we can do that because we take the time to install Epoxy Floor Tulsa the materials correctly most contractors do not install epoxy floors in your garage in Tulsa correctly at inspired spaces we take the time to come into your garage and clean it we do all the crack repair to make sure there are no one site Lee cracks in your garage we fill in the cracks with a special compound of epoxy to make sure that all the cracks are completely filled in and then we come in and Diamond grind your floor before we ever put any epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa once we have Diamond ground

Epoxy Floor Tulsa

Epoxy Floor Tulsa your floor that is literally a a Dimond buffing wheel comes through and takes off a little bit of the concrete off the top of your garage floor this does two things one that removes all the stains from oil and chemicals that might be there but it also opens up the pores of the concrete so that the concrete can except and have something for the epoxy floor to bind to in your garage if you don’t Diamond grind the floor if anyone says anything about acid then they are doing it wrong and you’ll have a temporary floor we give you a lifetime warranty on your epoxy floor in your garage that lifetime warranty is because we do all the prep work diamond grinding your floor isn’t easy it’s not fast and it’s not cheap but because we do it right your floor gets a lifetime warranty no other company in Tulsa’s willing to do that then we come in and we put in a base layer of epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa


Epoxy Floor Tulsa from inspired spaces this base coat access the primer and the decorative color base after that we throw chips or color flakes on the floor this gives your garage the nice even coded color that you want we can utilize any color that you choose our most popular is called marble as a combination of black grey and white it looks good with just about every vehicle every combination of cabinets or shelving that you can choose and is very versatile the other thing is that potential home buyers of your home will also find a versatile so that you don’t have to worry about color conflicts in your garage from your epoxy floor in Tulsa from inspired spaces this texture is very important because it can also provide a slip safety factor for your garage ever wonder what happens when you have wet shoes on smooth floors you slip and fall and sometimes things break well the epoxy floors in your garage and Tulsa from will save you from that headache you will get a safety factor that is better than any plain concrete so don’t worry about slipping and falling


Epoxy Floor Tulsa when it rains or when you water the grass and you come into your garage you will have a traction Pro area so that you don’t hurt yourself after that we come over the top of your floor with a clear coat and the clear coat is both decorative but also the durable layer that allows we can give you a lifetime warranty so that you can park your car in your garage in the middle of summer with hot tires and not have to worry about the epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from your floors ever coming up there’s your car drip oil don’t worry about that either we will make sure that your floors installed with such quality that you can just wipe it up and go on with life if you wanted epoxy floor in your garage and Tulsa from your least favorite room in your home to your most favorite room of your home epoxy floors aren’t necessarily the cheapest thing out that that’s why you want to make sure that you get a lifetime warranty nobody else in Tulsa will give you a lifetime warranty on your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa only with inspired spaces inspired spaces utilizes the best materials on the market we don’t utilize cut-rate Home Depot or Lowe’s products we don’t utilize anything that says acid we utilize 100% solid epoxies and we install them correctly

Epoxy Floor Tulsa these are Industrial Products that are not made for residential environments they were made for industrial environments but we install them in garage is because they are the best you will be able to put your car in the garage without having to worry about what will happen with our lifetime warranty if you can figure out how to damage it will fix it we just need to know that the concrete under the ground under the epoxy is still there course if you can figure out a way to chip out your concrete and of course the floor will come up to but that is not a normal situation are lifetime warranty will ensure that your investment in your home will be there until the day you want to move out of your home your epoxy floor in your garage in Tulsa from this will be a beautiful beautiful room of your home that can how’s your car and your things for a lifetime you need garage cabinets or garage organization or garage shelving specialist that inspired spaces can help you with those things too but after you get all the things off the floor of your garage if you care what your garage looks like a lifetime warranty 770-9855 think about epoxy floors in your garage and Tulsa from inspired spaces for your wife’s birthday for your husband’s birthday or possibly for Christmas it’s a great gift that people love and it’s something they’ll love forever get that lifetime warranty it for your epoxy floor in Tulsa in your garage from inspired spaces we’re the only ones that’ll give it to you Epoxy Floor Tulsa